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 Individual Gourmet Meals 

For 9.99$

Heat & Eat It's That Easy

Meal Medic promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering a meal plan designed to match your needs. We deliver twice a week, to your doorstep (free of charge) to ensure that our meals are as fresh as possible.
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Our most popular meal plan offers delicious meals, all you have to do is heat them up!

$9.99 Per Meal

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Our low-carb meal plan is specifically targeted to help you on your weight loss journey.

$9.99 Per Meal

know what you're eating 

Always Fresh. Never Frozen.

     Whenever you open up your Meal Medic Meals you can be assured that only the freshest ingredients went into it. We strive to use All Natural & Organic ingredients whenever possible.

     We utilize multiple food suppliers so that we can ensure the highest quality meals. This includes antibiotic- free chicken, grass fed beef, wild caught fish and fresh vegetables & fruits. That dedication to freshness makes Meal Medic both nutritious and delicious.

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How Meal Medic Can Improve Your Life

make time for things that matter

     Healthy habits such as exercising, avoiding harmful substances and eating healthy will enrich your life. These positive habits benefit your mental, emotional and physical well-being. The impact of eating healthy is an important cornerstone of good health. Typically, people view healthy foods as expensive and flavorless. Some even view it as a chore instead of a lifestyle. Meal Medic crafts balanced, calorie-managed meals that make eating healthy a breeze. We are here to help you establish a delicious and nutritional base that will help you live your best life!


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