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Extra Protein


A Healthy & Delicious Meal Plan With Extra Protein

This is our primary meal plan but with added protein. This delicious meal plan has been designed around calorie-controlled portions and a perfect balance of fresh ingredients. It's been crafted by our chef to promote a healthy sustainable lifestyle. We include a healthy serving of proteins, complex carbs and vegetables in every dish. This means every dish is beneficial for your muscles, energy levels and metabolism.

  • Less Than 750 Calories

  • Never Frozen

  • We Never Add Artificial Additives, Preservatives or Sugars

  • A Healthy Balance Of Protein, Complex Carbs & Vegetables

  • Antibiotic-Free Chicken, Grass Fed Beef, Wild Caught Fish & Farm Fresh Vegetables & Fruits

  • Delicious Healthy Recipes

  • All Natural/Organic Ingredients Whenever Possible

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