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We Deliver On Sunday & Wednesday Evenings So The Meals Are Always Fresh

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Orders placed by Friday at 6pm will be delivered that upcoming Sunday & Wednesday. This allows you to receive fresh new meals at the beginning of the week and halfway through the week! 

Orders taken after Friday at 6pm and before Tuesday at 6pm will be delivered that upcoming Wednesday. Keep that in mind when you are thinking about how many meals to order!


Our Meal Plans Include 

New Weekly Menu


Pay As You Go


Free Delivery 2x A Week (Sunday & Wednesday Evenings)


Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 


An Assortment Of Proteins


Antibiotic-Free Chicken 


Grass Fed Beef


Wild Caught Fish 


Complex Carbs For Energy (Unless You Choose The Low Carb Plan)

Healthy Meals Prepared & Delivered To Your Door

Meal Medic Provides A Well Balanced Foundation For A Healthy Life


Eating Healthy And Delicious Food Has Never Been So Easy


Stop Worrying About Having To Cook Every Meal


Don't Shop As Often


Less Clean-Up


If Needed, Low-Carb Options Are Provided 


If any of the above rings a bell then Meal Medic is for you!





Our Service 

Our delicious meals are prepared and delivered to your door  2 x a week. Just warm your food up and enjoy a healthy, properly portioned meal. No delivery charge. No hassle. Let us save you time and money. Each week you will have the pleasure of choosing between 2 different meal plan options. Simply choose your plan, select the amount of meals you want and finish by hand picking the meals you want. Meals will be delivered Sunday & Wednesday evenings.

Healthy Individual Meals Delivered To Your Door