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Ordering Made Easy

Find The Right Meal Plan For You & Select Your Meals

Pay Online Or Over The Phone.

We Deliver On Tuesday & Friday Between 11am-2pm. 

Enjoy The Benefits Of Nutritious, Delicious And Ready To Eat Meals

Orders placed by Friday at 6pm will be delivered that upcoming Tuesday & Friday.


Our Meal Plans Include 

New Weekly Menu


Pay As You Go


Free Delivery 2x A Week (Tuesday & Friday Afternoons)


Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 


An Assortment Of Proteins


Antibiotic-Free Chicken 


Grass Fed Beef


Wild Caught Fish 


Complex Carbs For Energy (Unless You Choose The Low Carb Plan)

Healthy Meals Prepared & Delivered To Your Door

Meal Medic Provides A Well Balanced Foundation For A Healthy Life


Eating Healthy And Delicious Food Has Never Been So Easy


Stop Worrying About Having To Cook Every Meal


Don't Shop As Often


Less Clean-Up


If Needed, Low-Carb Options Are Provided 


If any of the above rings a bell then Meal Medic is for you!





Our Service 

Our delicious meals are prepared and delivered to your door 2x a week. Just warm your food up and enjoy a healthy, properly portioned meal. No delivery charge. No hassle. Let us save you time and money. Each week you will have the pleasure of choosing between 2 different meal plan options. Simply choose your plan, select the amount of meals you want and finish by hand picking the meals you want. Meals will be delivered Tuesday & Friday afternoons.

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